Pavan Kantharaju's Personal Webpage

Computer Science PhD Candidate
Drexel University

Research Statement

My research focuses on applying machine learning techniques to induce Combinatory Categorial Grammars (CCGs) for Planning and Plan Recognition. I am particularly interested in developing novel techniques for learning state and action grammar knowledge from plan traces informed by CCG learning from NLP, and applying them to games and robotics.

Projects and Publications


  • LexLearn - A CCG learning algorithm developed using the ELEXIR system
  • Jarvis, the virtual assistant - A virtual robot simulated in the Unity Game Engine
  • MicroCCG - A CCG-based adversarial planning agent for microRTS


  1. Manousakis, Kyriakos, et al. "Torrent-Based Dissemination in Infrastructure-Less Wireless Networks." Journal of Cyber Security 4: 1-22.
  2. Geib, C., Weerasinghe, J., Matskevich, S., Kantharaju, P., Petrick, R., and Craenen, B., "Building Helpful Virtual Agents Using Plan Recognition and Planning", Proceedings of the AAAI Conference on Artificial Intelligence and Interactive Digital Entertainment (AIIDE) 2016, pp.162-168, 2016.
  3. Christopher Geib and Pavan Kantharaju. Learning Combinatory Categorial Grammars for Plan Recognition. In Proceedings of the Thirty-Second AAAI Conference on Artificial Intelligence, 2018.
  4. Pavan Kantharaju, Santiago Ontañón, Christopher Geib (2018) microCCG, a CCG-based Game-Playing Agent for microRTS. In Proceedings of IEEE-CIG 2018 , 2018. To appear.

Curriculum Vitae


During my studies as a graduate student, I've assisted professors on various courses. Below is a list of these courses:

  1. Introduction to Computing and Informatics
  2. Introduction to Algorithms
  3. Programming Languages
  4. Developing User Interfaces
  5. Special Topics: Cryptography
  6. Computer Graphics
  7. Intro to Unix
  8. Introduction to Artificial Intelligence

Personal Projects

In my spare time, I work on various side projects. Here's a list of interesting personal projects I work on:

  • Discord Chat Bot, R2D2 - Chat bot for a Discord server I frequent
  • C Library - Assorted functions related to matrices, file IO, etc.

Future side projects?

  • Life-sized autonomous R2D2

Interesting Stuff

This is upcoming. Stay tuned!

About Me

I'm currently a 4th year Drexel University PhD student studying Computer Science. In my spare time, I work on a few photography and development projects (the image at the top is from my trip to India in 2016).


I can be reached at my Drexel University email: pk three-hundred ninty eight at drexel dot edu